ABT presents electronic lowering for Audi Q8

Air suspension systems are true multi-talents that offer exceptional comfort. Thanks to different setup options, they handle cruising on cobblestone roads just as masterfully as sporty hairpin cornering or seemingly endless freeway journeys. The new Audi Q8 is equipped with an especially advanced adaptive suspension system.

Now the latest generation of the ABT Level Control (ALC) provides a highly sophisticated lowering solution in addition to the already available power boost and other upgrades by ABT Sportsline.

On the production Audi Q8 the air suspension allows for a wide range of adjustments, from a lift feature for high obstacles, to Off-Road/All-Road, Comfort/Auto and Dynamic modes to extreme lowering of the rear axle for easier loading. The difference from the highest to the lowest setting is an impressive 115 mm. Sporty drivers, however, often find the factory settings a little too conservative. Luckily, air suspensions allow adjustments through software intervention without having to replace shock absorbers and air springs. The best example is the new ABT Level Control for the Q8. The sophisticated software solution works with selective lowering technology. "We want to maintain full functionality and therefore offer our customers a product that is convincing and intuitive in all settings," explains CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt.

The ABT Level Control is active only on selected driving modes: Comfort/Auto, Dynamic and Loading Level. On Comfort/Auto the system sets the car an additional 25 mm lower while the height is reduced by 15 mm on Dynamic and Loading – based on the original numbers of the corresponding suspension program. Off-Road/All-Road as well as the liftmode maintain their stock ground clearance. For a special show effect, we are also providing the ABT Coffee Mode. This mode applies the extreme lowering of the factory loading setting of the rear axle to the front axle as well, thus bringing the dynamic SUV a whole 65 mm lower to the ground than in the original Comfort/Auto mode. All that makes the ABT Level Control a winner in every aspect.