Mission “Show the pipes!”: ABT rear skirt set and more power for the Audi Q5

Often, only a few details make the difference between “pretty good” and “just wow”. The ABT Sportsline rear skirt set for the Audi Q5 is a great example of this. It is now available as an interesting individual solution and is a “discreet” alternative for the wide or slim body aerodynamic package. This solution consists of the ABT rear skirt and a matching exhaust system from the world’s largest tuner for the brands of the Audi and Volkswagen Group. In contrast to the production version with just two chrome brackets, this finally makes the exhaust visible again – and this has been one of the designers’ main goals.

In terms of workmanship and material quality, the ABT rear skirt has reached production model standards. It makes the rear of the Audi Q5 appear even more impressive, not least thanks to the collar-shaped frame which surpasses the ABT exhaust system in total vehicle width. The rear muffler from Bavaria features four pipes with a diameter of 84 mm each. Their panels are plated in black chrome, they are rolled and slanted, and have a lasered ABT logo, which makes the design equally sophisticated and aggressively sporty. And of course, there is the sonorous sound which causes goose bumps when accelerating. Another advantage: the lower exhaust back pressure. The ABT rear wing can be chosen as another interesting design option. 
Those who want to significantly improve the driving experience will find an ABT Power boost for nearly every engine of the Audi Q5 in the range. This upgrade increases the performance of the standard 2.0 TFSI engine from 252 HP (185 kW) to 300 HP (221 kW); the torque is increased from 370 Nm to 420 Nm. The original 190 HP (140 kW) and 400 Nm of the 2.0 TDI are changed to 215 HP (158 kW) and 440 Nm. The 3.0 TDI is the most powerful member of the team below SQ5 – with 286 HP (210 kW) and 620 Nm in the production model. After installing the auxiliary ABT Engine Control (AEC) unit, which is part of every ABT Powerboost, it reaches 330 HP (243 kW) and 670 Nm. The AEC continuously adjusts more than 25 different parameters and communicates directly with the original engine control unit. Optimum use of power and maximum protection for the engine at the same time are the result. On request, the engine can be started in style with the ABT start-stop button. An ABT gearstick cover from real carbon makes shifting gears a tactile pleasure. 
It should already be a known fact that modern power SUVs are by no means hulking muscle machines. The Audi Q5 will become even more agile with ABT coilover suspension springs. They ensure a lowering from 35 to 60 mm, which will further highlight the sporty look. ABT Sportsline also offers a range of matching alloy wheels: Customers can choose between the DR in gun-metal (21 inch) or mystic black (20/21 inch), the ER-C (20 inch) in matt black and the FR (21 inch) in mystic black. This will complete the tuning experience!