Surfing the power wave – the cool ABT T6 boasts an impressive 235 HP

"Paddle to the metal!" What looks like a misspelled tuning phrase is actually spot-on for the dual character of the VW T6 tuned by ABT Sportsline: It is roomy as a commercial vehicle and also a comfortable piece of sports equipment. On the one hand, this model offers

5.8 cubic meters of loading capacity for the extensive equipment of stand-up paddlers Lukas and David. On the other hand, the 2.0 liter capacity of the BiTDI also has room for 235 HP (173 kW) and 490 Nm after the power boost from ABT Sportsline. But after all, a top-notch surf-mobile also has to look good – and the comprehensive ABT Aerokit is perfect for this. So it now really is "pedal to the metal" and paddles in the water!


Two almost three meter long SUP boards appear from the tailgate, joined by two head-high paddles, two deck chairs, a crate of chill-out beverages and lots more. And yet the Bulli mastered the trip from Kempten in Bavaria to the close Rottachsee lake as if it was loaded with just balloons. The ABT Power boost added an impressive 31 HP to the production power of 204 HP (150 kW). This is made possible by the auxiliary ABT Engine Control (AEC) unit, which is specifically programmed for the engine in the T6. This option is also available for the 2.0 TDI and the 2.0 TSI. But regardless of which engine is installed in the front end, it is impossible to add too much power. With the ABT suspension springs or the ABT height-adjustable suspension kit, the large vehicle can surf any power wave with ease.

But for now, Lukas and David have arrived. Back on land, the boards are quickly stowed in the cargo compartment again, and the two deck chairs are set up facing the sunset. There are not many settings that can rival the look of the ABT T6 – but this moment is one of them. The vehicle is now casting a shadow towards the road again, which grows longer by the minute. The front with the dynamically looking ABT grille and skirt add-ons and the ABT side skirts are already facing the right way. The 20-inch ABT GR wheels reflect the last rays of the sun, which is now significantly lowered. The ABT rear wing rises up aggressively to conquer the night-time roads. For the happy ending of this successful day, the ABT four-pipe rear muffler will play its tune, providing the crowning glory for the T6 together with the ABT rear skirt add-on.