Dawn of the Greats
When ABT and Vossen Wheels join forces, the skies glow, the earth quakes.
ABT and the U.S. wheel specialist Vossen have teamed up to create the ultimate Audi Q7. The result is an ultra-exclusive SUV, limited to just 10 units. Its name: ABT Vossen SQ7 “1 of 10”.


Author | Carsten Paulun


Photos | Vossen Wheels

Unique forging craftsmanship

Five delicate double-spoke rims reinforce the mighty 10 x 22-inch wheels from the American specialist Vossen Wheels. And if that wasn’t enough to attract attention, there’s the unique polished Stealth Grey finish. This exquisite eye-catcher is offered by Vossen Wheels exclusively for the SQ7 from ABT. Retail sales are not planned.


Pure performance

Vossen Wheels provides the right footwear, ABT the appropriate outfit. The ABT Vossen SQ7 “1 of 10” is not just any luxury SUV. It’s the ultimate driving machine – and as such is immediately distinctive – be it the striking lowered front skirt or the massive air intakes to name just two.


Don’t hesitate

Nomen est omen: The ABT Vossen SQ7 “1 of 10” is strictly limited to just ten units in Europe. A slightly modified version, also limited to 10, is available for the American market. However, in both Europe and the USA, interested buyers should be quick to secure one of these exclusive cars.

Power at work

This picture says it all: The ABT Vossen SQ7 “1 of 10” with its massive V8 engine is a power-pack. After an ABT tuning treatment, the diesel powerplant delivers 520 hp to both axles. The twin-turbocharger provides massive torque, with a high plateau at 970 Nm. With so much power, it’s not surprising that the formidable gem reaches 100 km/h after just 4.6 seconds.

Passion for detail

Highly exclusive vehicles appeal to the senses. The ABT Vossen SQ7 “1 of 10” is the best example of this. Passion, design and engineering skill come together in this vehicle, which stands out in many respects and forms a unique symbiosis of perfection.