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VW Golf

Even after its facelift, the very first Golf GTI wasn’t quite ready to attack the high-power sports cars with its originally 112 HP yet. Later, the GTI was upgraded to 16V and G60 versions, which were surpassed by the VR6 and R-models. The latter, in turn, found their match in their ABT counterparts. The latest counterpart is the Golf VII R with up to 370 HP / 272 kW instead of the standard 310 HP / 228 kW. The maximum torque is also increased up to 480 Nm.

Thanks to four-wheel drive, the standard Golf R model already has plenty of traction. The optional ABT suspension springs, which lower the sports model by 20 mm at the front and 25 mm at the rear, make sure the pocket rocket handles even hairpin bends with ease, even more when the ABT Anti-Roll Bars are on board as well. Furthermore, this can be increased by the ABT Height Adjustable Suspension-Kit, which can lower the front axle by max. 40 mm and the rear axle by max. 45 mm.

But this is not the last option for optical individualization: Naturally, ABT Side Skirts and a Tailgate Add-on designed as a diffusor are simply a must-have for a powerful appearance. After all: it's okay to show off performance!

Pole Position Ready? Golf VII GTI TCR on the grid with 340 hp and 430 Nm


From the racetrack to the road: Few vehicles encapsulate our motto as well as the recently refined Golf GTI TCR. Upon request, the special model inspired by VW’s touring car racing receives an ABT Power performance upgrade that makes it almost equal to the corresponding TCR racing car. By employing the high-tech control unit ABT Engine Control (AEC), performance is boosted from 290 hp (213 kW) to a hefty 340 hp (250 kW). Equally impressive is the 50 Nm torque increase which means it now delivers 430 Nm. The increased engine power is also reflected in the even better driving performance: From a standing start, maximum road speed is now reached in 5.4 rather than 5.6 seconds and the new top speed is 164.6 mph.

If you dare to venture onto the racetrack, you will be impressed by the lateral dynamics of the most powerful GTI. Roadholding is improved by ABT suspension springs as well as ABT coilover sports suspension. The finishing touch is provided by the ABT sports anti-roll bar which can be combined with the standard suspension to reliably remove any roll-risk.

You can also stand out from the crowd visually, and not merely due to a discreet lowering. A wide range of alloy wheels is available from ABT Sportsline. Particularly eye-catching is the ABT GR in glossy black with a diamond-machined rim (as on the pictured vehicle). Their 20-inch diameter makes them an attractive alternative to the corresponding factory options.

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Athletics and elegance combined in functionality

The first Golf GTI already wiped its mostly much stronger opponents off the fast lane by the dozen. The current Golf VII R is even more successful at that, after being endowed by ABT with 370 HP (272 kW) instead of the standard 310 HP (228 kW). The ABT Engine Control (AEC) also increases the maximum torque from 400 to 480 Nm. With optional ABT suspension springs or ABT height adjustable suspension springs and ABT sports stabilizers, the compact rocket corners beautifully even in hairpin bends. Black chrome-plated ABT tail pipes and attractive ABT alloy wheels in the designs DR and ER-C are easy on the eye. ABT side skirts and a tail gate add on designed as a diffuser are also part of the visual power display, even for the Golf VII.

ABT Golf GTI Clubsport S

With 310 HP / 228 kW and 380 Nm torque the Clubsport S is almost three times as powerful as the original GTI from the 70s. On the contrary, it clearly excels with its agility and finely calibrated handling. You want proof? In autumn 2016, this Wolfsburger grabbed the title for the fastest front-wheel drive on the Nordschleife. Although worthy opponents are in short supply right now, it is quite easy to surpass existing performance. Support can be found in the Allgäu, where ABT POWER, has enabled increased performance with a specially developed control unit and matching software. The result after optimization: 370 HP / 272 kW and 460 Nm torque. Additionally, ABT also offers an increase for the normal Golf GTI Clubsport. 265 HP / 195 kW and 350 Nm is not always easy for the establishment, but to achieve real sports car exhilaration you just have to run that extra mile. The 340 HP / 250 kW and 430 Nm even surpass the standard Clubsport S. And if that still isn’t enough: The standard boost function remains, which quickly releases even more power. Both cars are already well equipped regarding the suspension technology. For an even sharper appearance and that little extra driving pleasure, ABT Sportsline has conjured up new suspension springs and sports anti-roll bars. And in order to make sure that this is no ordinary GTI Clubsport S, the vehicle can further be enhanced with a new front grille, headlight covers, mirror caps and a tailgate attachment.

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