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Racing-Limousine ABT Audi S8

ABT Power accelerates Audi S8 at 100 km/h in 3,6 Secs. Incredibly fast but providing first-class comfort: the Audi S8 tuned by ABT Sportsline is proof of the fact that you can in fact build a super sports car that is not uncomfortable, noisy and cramped. A luxury limo at its core, this car accelerates as fast as a Ferrari or Lamborghini. “As always, we have timed it precisely: our S8 reaches 100 kph in 3.6 seconds. And in contrast to the serial version, its top speed is 290 kph,” says a proud CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt. To realise this impressive performance, the globally largest tuner of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group has uprated the car from 520 hp / 382 kW to 675 hp / 496 kW and from 650 to 840 Nm.


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This is made possible by ABT POWER R, based upon its own ABT Engine Control including a special software. And an ABT muffler system optimises the technical part without changing the attractive serial look. The entire performance package has been tested on ABT’s own dynamometer and public roads, also for its stability, which is why in Germany it comes with a 2-year warranty on the basis of the manufacturer’s guarantee – from first delivery and up to 100,000 km. In visual terms, the Audi S8 has been left largely untouched and cultivates high-end understatement. But you can always order ABT’s alloy wheels. The car in the photo, for example, is equipped with the exciting 21’’ ABT DR in “mystic black”. The latter also comes in “silver bullet”. We also offer the GR rims in 20 and 22 inches and the colours "matt" and "glossy black", as well as the FR rims in "mystic black" in 20, 21 and 22 inches. But all this is up to the customer, and 675 hp / 496 kW will always get the wheels turning, anyway.

A premium car with up to 735 hp and 920 Nm - the ABT Audi S8 plus

At the top, we currently have the ABT S8, based upon the Audi plus model, whose 4.0 TFSI engine, thanks to ABT POWER S, now shows 735 hp or 541 kW instead of 605 hp (445 kW). Torque is now rated 920 Nm, up from 700. The elegant limo has thus been promoted to a league usually reserved to super sports cars. And Vmax is now an electronically throttled 320 kph. But the other versions of the 4.0 bi-turbo engine also got more ABT POWER: the 520 hp (382 kW) engine is now rated 675 or 640 hp (496/471 kW) and 840 or 780 Nm, up from 650. The “ABT POWERed” 605 hp (445 kW) S8 plus now shows 705 hp (519 kW), with a torque of 840 Nm (production car: 650 Nm). To make this large car handle better and sporty too, the chassis features the innovative ABT Level Control System. Needless to say that the electronic lower suspension setting of up to 20mm, front and rear, can be geared to what you want. And to let the ABT S8 Plus sound good as well and optimise its power, it features the stainless-steel ABT exhaust system.


Its four-pipe look (ø89mm each) renders this premium super sports car among premium limos very assertive, also with the right fender inserts and integrated door entrance lights with the ABT logos. If you want to let it sound even more dynamic, also use a new pre-silencer pipe (no EC approval). The balanced design of the ABT S8 is completed by ABT’s weight-reduced sport-type wheels. These are available as DR and FRs in 20 and 21’’, with the extravagant FR also in 22’’. It goes without saying that the wheels are also available with the right high-performance Dunlop or Continental tires, which will enable you to take this ABT POWER limo to the limit...

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