ABT High Performance Wheels up to 40 % lighter thanks to flowforming and forging technology

19, 20, 22 or even 23 inches? The trend for large rims continues and is further fueled by the SUV boom. After all, they have to be in proportion to the vehicle’s increased dimensions and nicely filled wheel arches do look extremely good.

For technical reasons, however, low unsprung masses are desirable, as this benefits agility and handling. One solution to this dilemma is provided by the up to 40 % lighter High Performance Wheels from ABT Sportsline. They were created as a special product group especially for drivers who seek ultimate performance and at the same time strive for the perfect look. The special series currently includes the designs ABT High Performance HR, GR and ER-F. Special lightweight construction methods are used without exception in the production of the above-mentioned models.

Thanks to the innovative flowforming production process, which offers similar advantages to forging technology, it has been possible to design the ABT High Performance HR to be particularly lightweight. Considerable material density enables significantly reduced wall thicknesses. As such, the rim well volume could be reduced by up to 50 percent. In this process, parts of the cast carcass are rolled out and compressed as part of an additional production stage. In this way an elegant design can be realised. At the same time, the 22 or 23-inch High Performance Wheel lives up to its name, even when in motion, due to its excellent running stability. For the paint, the trendy shade "dark smoke” was chosen.

The High Performance GR is forged in 20" and manufactured in 23" as a flowforming wheel. The characteristic design feature is the strongly concave rim design. While the smaller version is painted completely in sporty "black magic", the larger version is available in "glossy black" or "matt black". In these two finishes, the rim flange in the former and the surface in the latter are also diamond-machined for an attractive contrast.

Technically speaking, the ABT High Performance ER-F offers the perfect balance of weight and stability. Weighing just under 9 kilograms, the 19-inch rim is 35 % lighter than the cast ER-C. This noticeably improves handling and performance – both when driving and braking. With its expressive design and "black magic” colour, the wheel represents unadulterated racing pleasure.