SQ7 a winner thanks to 650 HP from ABT and a new look

The production version of the SQ7 accelerates at an absolute sports car level. ABT Sportsline is now raising the potential of the gasoline engine to RS level: The ABT Power S performance upgrade to 650 HP makes it possible. The tuner from Bavaria also has a lot in store for a new look. In this context, the German company is offering an attractive package consisting of the Power S performance upgrade, HR22 wheel set, 4 end pipes and aero package at a price of 20,900 euros.

The powerful and spacious Audi Q7 was launched in 2005. But the SUV is by no means an old-timer, as the second generation received an update in 2019. This redesign formed the basis of the SQ7, which was introduced in autumn 2020 and is powered by a burly bi-turbo engine. With 507 HP (373 kW), the 2.3-tonne standard version of the all-wheel drive car is catapulted from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds – a current 911 does not achieve this any quicker. ABT Sportsline has now made sure that the latter even loses out to the SQ7. The brilliant Bavarians have introduced their ABT Power S performance upgrade* for the SUV – thanks to the high-tech ABT Engine Control (AEC) unit, the 4-litre TFSI now delivers an impressive 650 HP (478 kW) and 850 Nm. This equates to a significant increase of 143 HP (105 kW), which definitely launches the large-format SQ7 to a RS level of performance.

But of course the world’s largest automotive aftermarket and performance parts specialist for Audi and VW has more to offer then merely improving performance. The Bavarian company offers a package consisting of the mentioned performance upgrade ABT Power S, an aero package with front and rear skirt add-ons and door strip attachments, 4 end pipes with a diameter of 102 mm and the HR22 wheel set in dark smoke or glossy black – the GR22 in matt and glossy black is optionally available for the package – at a price of EUR 20,900 plus EUR 3,219 installation and paint costs. Prices for the ABT SQ7 as a complete vehicle start at EUR 121,319. All stated prices include VAT. A wide range of additional individual tuning options for the SQ7, such as the interior is available in the latest ABT Configurator.