ABT RS6+ Nogaro Edition

Best of two limited editions - the RS6+ Nogaro

The RS6+ Nogaro Edition is the second one-off vehicle within the strictly limited series, following the spectacular car for alpine ski racer Jon Olsson, the ABT RS6+ Phoenix. In addition to this, ABT Sportsline repeatedly presented unusual conversions based on the Audi RS 6: for example, the ABT RS6-R (50 cars), ABT RS6-E (one-off as electric hybrid with 1,018 HP/749 kW) and the ABT 120 Years Edition (12 cars).

The concept of the new unique specimen is captivating: It combines the gigantic power of the ABT RS6+ (50 cars) with the unique look of the Nogaro Edition (150 cars), which was issued by Audi as an exclusive special edition of the RS 6 performance. This makes it a "best of" vehicle from the intersection of two limited series. "The DNA of ABT is power", explains Rolf Michl, Head of Vehicle Tuning at ABT Sportsline. And this is where the new creation really goes all the way: Instead of the original 605 HP (445 kW), the car now offers 735 HP (541 kW) and an increased torque of 920 Nm. The substantial boost is made possible by the auxiliary ABT Engine Control (AEC) unit which continuously adjusts 25 parameters, ensuring greatest possible power with best possible engine protection. A stainless steel exhaust with front silencer replacement pipe completes the system. The results speak for themselves: The sprint from 0 to 100 km/h now only takes 3.3 seconds – four tenth faster than with a normal RS 6 performance. In addition, the top speed jumps from 305 to 320 km/h.


RS6+ Nogaro Edition in facts

Audi RS6 series ABT RS6+ Nogaro Edition
Power 605 HP (445 kW) 735 HP (541 kW)
Torque 700 Nm 920 Nm
Vmax 250 km/h 320 km/h
0-100 km/h 3,7 Sec. 3,3 Sec.

The Nogaro Edition by Audi, named after the location of a famous race track in southwestern France, contributes its inimitable look. The Nogaro Blue paint pays homage to one of the great icons – the Audi RS 2 Avant from 1994, the first ever RS model. The special status is highlighted by other expressive details. One of them is the "glossy black" optics package. But we added a little more to this as well and installed the extensive aerodynamics package of the RS6+. Front lip, front skirt add-ons, mirror covers, side skirt and rear skirt add-ons as well as the rear spoiler are designed with visual carbon fiber. Other special features include wheel arch vents and attractive carbon fiber double tailpipe trims. Although the Nogaro Edition already comes with attractive 21-inch wheels as a standard, we could not resist replacing these with eye-catching 22-inch ABT Sport GR specimen with blue rim rings.

We also evolved the interior design of the special-edition model. The seats, for example, are covered with black Alcantara and smooth leather with blue contrasting seams, which can also be found on the now leather-clad dashboard. The blue RS6+ logo, which each model from the series displays proudly, is prominently placed on the backrests. The number 50/50 is the last model ever built and the unique conclusion of a true success story that combines all our skills under one car roof: power boosts, aero components and unique vehicle solutions from the ABT Individual range. With this car, we say "thank you, RS6!" and are already looking forward to the successor.

RS6+ Nogaro Edition conversion

As a special thank you to our fans on Facebook and Instagram, we provided special insights behind the scenes and in the reconstruction of the unique car.

The ABT RS6+ now in our limited edition!

Strictly limited and a clear plus – ABT RS6+ with 705 hp only built 50 times

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