"my ABT"
Direct connection to your performance upgrade available now

Get more out of your performance upgrade and experience even greater driving pleasure with the "myABT" app:
Get transparent insights into your vehicle's performance data such as power, coolant and intake air temperature and get access to different charisma settings such as ECO, SPORT or RACE for an on-demand adjustment of the performance characteristics, e.g. for fuels with a lower octane rating.1,2

Or use the integrated petrol station finder with the practical contactless payment function to always find the right fuel in good time.

In conjunction with Apple iOS16, the use of the app is also possible in the MMI through Apple CarPlay.

Functions at a glance:
  • Performance pararameters1:
    Here you have an overview of the most important performance data and parameters such as additional power, additional torque, speed, power factor, ABT Engine Control boost pressure in % and, depending on the AEC variant and vehicle, additional data such as coolant temperature etc.2
    In the "AEC" menu item, simply "swipe" over the corresponding display to switch between the parameters.
  • Charisma mode:
    Up to three Charisma modes are available, depending on the vehicle and the selected performance variant. Fundamentally, the ECO and Sport modes are available.
    ECO3 supports you with its torque-oriented design in a fuel-saving driving style4. The ECO selection also facilitates switching to fuels with a lower octane rating.
    Sport is the mode for maximum performance in the basic variant.
    On selected vehicles, a further performance upgrade is possible by activating the RACE mode. Usually a fuel with ROZ102 rating is necessary for this.
  • Vmax override1:
    Depending on the vehicle type and the installed performance upgrade, an increase in the factory-set top speed is possible (learn more about this below).
  • Petrol station finder and contactless payment function:
    Use the integrated petrol station finder. In addition to a practical filter function of the available fuels, you have insight into the current prices and can also pay conveniently with the contactless payment function.
    You can also use the petrol station finder without ABT performance upgrades.
  • ABT News:
    Stay up to date with interesting news about ABT products, motorsport, lifestyle and innovations. The newsfeed keeps you up to date.
  • Read out the error memory:
    Depending on the AEC version, you can not only read out the error memory of your vehicle via the menu item "Vehicle status", but also delete it.
App use and V-max increase - how it works

Download the app and register. You can use the petrol station finder, payment function and news without your ABT Engine Control. For all other functions, you must connect the app to your AEC. Your AEC must be equipped with Bluetooth (AEC variants V3.50 and V3.1x5) for this.
You will find the option "Connect device" in the top right corner of the main screen when you tap on your initials. If the additional control unit and the app have been successfully connected, this is displayed on the screen of your mobile phone.

For some vehicles or performance upgrades, it is possible to increase the maximum speed set at the factory. The increase must be done via the app:

  • Connect AEC and app as described
  • Call up the menu item "Functions on Demand"
  • If a Vmax increase is possible, the option will be shown here
  • Select the desired term
  • Pay conveniently via the app

If you have already paid for the Vmax increase, or it is included in the package you purchased, it is activated directly by connecting the AEC and app or by calling up the menu item. You can check the status of your Vmax increase here at any time.

1 To be able to use functions that are directly linked to the performance upgrade, you must first connect the app to your AEC (ABT Engine Control) in the settings.
Currently, full use of the app is only possible on some vehicles such as the RS3, CUPRA Formentor VZ5 and RS6 Johann Abt Signature Edition. Please contact your dealer or our sales department for further details.

2 Parameter displays and functions may vary between vehicle types or may not be available.

3 Full power is not achieved by the selected Charisma setting "ECO".

4 Consumption depends on usage behaviour and driving style.

5 You will find the variant of your ABT performance upgrade on your order confirmation or on the sticker on your AEC.

Compatible cars

Basic functions, such as the practical petrol station finder and the display of the latest ABT news, are also available to you without a connection to your ABT Engine Control. For all other features, your AEC must have the corresponding compatibility. We are continuously working on upgrading our control units accordingly.

Find out here whether your performance upgrade is compatible with the "myABT" app:


Currently, the app is fully usable with performance upgrades of the following vehicles: