"Paddle to the metal!" What looks like a misspelled tuning phrase is actually spot-on for the dual character of the VW T6 tuned by ABT Sportsline: It is roomy as a commercial vehicle and also a comfortable piece of sports equipment. On the one hand, this model offers

5.8 cubic meters of loading capacity for the extensive equipment of stand-up paddlers Lukas and David. On the other hand, the 2.0 liter capacity of the BiTDI also has room for 235...


At the last DTM race weekend 2018 at the Hockenheimring the drivers of Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW delivered a thrilling race again.

Decisive, above all, for the outcome of the race on Saturday in hot summer temperatures of nearly 30 degrees in the shade, was tire management.


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ABT’s specialist production facility for customised automobiles brings dream cars back down to tarmaced earth. Let your imagination run free and we’ll put them in motion.

We turn your personal desires into reality, right down to the final detail, and create unique one-offs in the process – employing select materials, technical sophistication and, of course, real craftsmanship.

You can find more information at www.abt-sportsline.de. If you have already decided which hand-built ABT you want, simply contact us directly – by email or phone.

10 reasons for ABT
What makes ABT special
  1. A reliable partner for 120 years, exclusive for VW and AUDI
  2. Safety and a qualified partner of the VW Group
  3. Unique ABT warranty
  4. Top quality thanks to motorsport experience
  5. Sophisticated ABT technology
  6. Individual development and adjustment
  7. Engine protection
  8. A better performance with no extra fuel consumption
  9. A widespread portfolio of car especially for AUDI and VW
  10. The world‘s largest tuner with a unique customer service