We can all remember what it was like when we were kids: you got a brand new bicycle for Christmas, but because the weather was so awful, you have not been able to ride it even once. Luckily, that can't happen with the new ABT RS4+. Thanks to the supreme all-wheel drive, this latest "toy" from the Bavarian tuner handles snow with ease and reliably shows off the power boost to 510 HP (375 kW) on virtually any surface.


The latest cooperation project by ABT Sportsline from Germany has more power than an RS6+ and will leave any supercar behind – on the shoreline. The STRIDER 11 ABT SPORT MASTER LIMITED EDITION is a luxury sports speedboat that was developed together with renowned boat builder SACS from Italy. Which is where the fascinating vessel is built on the basis of the STRIDER 11 production model. The result of the RIB design is a relatively lightweight 4.5...


ABT Performance Cars




Enjoy personalizing your car – and transform it into a real ABT!

ABT creates one-offs



ABT’s specialist production facility for customised automobiles brings dream cars back down to tarmaced earth. Let your imagination run free and we’ll put them in motion.

We turn your personal desires into reality, right down to the final detail, and create unique one-offs in the process – employing select materials, technical sophistication and, of course, real craftsmanship.

You can find more information at www.abt-sportsline.de. If you have already decided which hand-built ABT you want, simply contact us directly – by email or phone.

10 reasons for ABT
What makes ABT special
  1. A reliable partner for 120 years, exclusive for VW and AUDI
  2. Safety and a qualified partner of the VW Group
  3. Unique ABT warranty
  4. Top quality thanks to motorsport experience
  5. Sophisticated ABT technology
  6. Individual development and adjustment
  7. Engine protection
  8. A better performance with no extra fuel consumption
  9. A widespread portfolio of car especially for AUDI and VW
  10. The world‘s largest tuner with a unique customer service